News Oasis/Nourishing Networks January 9 Meeting

Quick Summary of Outcomes
January 10, 2012

Anne, with her fabulous ability to find the essence of story named the throughline of the story we want told:
At every level, how do we take responsibility for nourishing ourselves and others?

Others supplemented with:
• We start with food and why there’s urgency.
• We tell the “big” story — context, policy, etc., and the “small” stories — the actions happening everywhere to address the need.
• We tell stories of possibility that highlight strengths and opportunities because they inspire people to get involved in solving the challenges they face.

Next steps for the core team:
• Connect everyone and get out the notes. (This quick summary from Peggy, edited by Anne, will be followed by a story from Jacob)
• Follow up with those who were interested but couldn’t attend. (Peggy, Anne, Karma)
• Convene the core team shortly — Karma, Anne, Peggy, David Ortiz, and Parker Lindner have volunteered. If you are interested, please let me know.
• Follow up on the KCLS bus with the Issaquah Nourishing Network idea – a bus with computer equipment, a nutritionist, food, and a journalist. In a sense, an omnibus, with whatever is needed. (Karma, Jo)

Some other activities people stepped up to pursue:

• Cori Benson blogging (perhaps with Seattle Journalism Commons and/or the Seattle Times)
• Convening stakeholders with reporters at the Seattle Times (Anne and Peggy will explore with Carole)
• Jacob Caggiano and Karma Ruder working on an app to connect surplus food to those who need it.
• Linda Benson will organize an effort to support community storytelling in her five areas of community activity.
Any other items others want to add?

Focus of the news oasis:
Connecting community and journalists around issues of community need/civic importance to:
• Tell stories that matter because they link to felt need in community.
• Support community members to tell their own stories (create, disseminate and use their own stories) and link them to the “big” stories about the whole system.
• Reach out to professional journalists to amplify the stories, big and small (strategy: bring stakeholders to them).

The connection between the News Oasis and the idea of nourishing ourselves and others:
A news oasis transforms the community story (narrative) about food and hunger from consuming & unequal distribution (lack) to the gift exchanges happening in:
• the food system
• human capacity building initiatives for change that are linked to needed policy changes
• the evolution of community interdependence

About Peggy Holman

Peggy Holman supports organizations and communities to uncover creative responses to complex challenges using innovative engagement processes. The Change Handbook, co-authored with Tom Devane and Steven Cady, documents many such processes. The book is the considered the definitive resource for leaders and consultants working to increase resilience, agility, and collaboration in organizations and other social systems. Peggy co-founded Journalism that Matters in 2001 with three journalists to support the pioneers who are shaping the emerging news and information ecology. Peggy’s latest book, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity, supports people facing disruptions to invite others to join them in realizing new possibilities.
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