Quick Summary of Outcomes
January 10, 2012

Anne, with her fabulous ability to find the essence of story named the throughline of the story we want told:
At every level, how do we take responsibility for nourishing ourselves and others?

Others supplemented with:
• We start with food and why there’s urgency.
• We tell the “big” story — context, policy, etc., and the “small” stories — the actions happening everywhere to address the need.
• We tell stories of possibility that highlight strengths and opportunities because they inspire people to get involved in solving the challenges they face.

Next steps for the core team:
• Connect everyone and get out the notes. (This quick summary from Peggy, edited by Anne, will be followed by a story from Jacob)
• Follow up with those who were interested but couldn’t attend. (Peggy, Anne, Karma)
• Convene the core team shortly — Karma, Anne, Peggy, David Ortiz, and Parker Lindner have volunteered. If you are interested, please let me know.
• Follow up on the KCLS bus with the Issaquah Nourishing Network idea – a bus with computer equipment, a nutritionist, food, and a journalist. In a sense, an omnibus, with whatever is needed. (Karma, Jo)

Some other activities people stepped up to pursue:

• Cori Benson blogging (perhaps with Seattle Journalism Commons and/or the Seattle Times)
• Convening stakeholders with reporters at the Seattle Times (Anne and Peggy will explore with Carole)
• Jacob Caggiano and Karma Ruder working on an app to connect surplus food to those who need it.
• Linda Benson will organize an effort to support community storytelling in her five areas of community activity.
Any other items others want to add?

Focus of the news oasis:
Connecting community and journalists around issues of community need/civic importance to:
• Tell stories that matter because they link to felt need in community.
• Support community members to tell their own stories (create, disseminate and use their own stories) and link them to the “big” stories about the whole system.
• Reach out to professional journalists to amplify the stories, big and small (strategy: bring stakeholders to them).

The connection between the News Oasis and the idea of nourishing ourselves and others:
A news oasis transforms the community story (narrative) about food and hunger from consuming & unequal distribution (lack) to the gift exchanges happening in:
• the food system
• human capacity building initiatives for change that are linked to needed policy changes
• the evolution of community interdependence