NW Photojournalism Visual Storytelling Night

Photo: Jordan Stead

Photo: Jordan Stead

Photo Slam! Thursday, September 8, 2011, 6pm in the Pioneer Passages alley between 1st Avenue S & Occidental Ave S and Yesler Way & S Washington St

NW Photojournalism, a network for visual storytellers in the Pacific Northwest, hosted a visual storytelling slam in one of Pioneer Square’s history alleyways.

Local, professional journalists presented 5 to 8 minute photographic essays and multimedia projects on a variety of topics.

Sponsors included: International Sustainability Institute, Glazers Camera, 4Culture, MID, Waste Management, Historic South Downtown.

NW Photojournalism believes in the power of visual storytelling. Support of the craft is important as the media landscape changes and evolves. Questions- nwphotojournalism@gmail.com

The Alleyway Network Project: http://alleynetworkproject.com/

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