Pre-Conference Conversations

As part of the conference preparation, participants were paired to start the conversation. The questions below were offered as a way to break new and fertile ground.  Reflections on the interviews follow the questions.

  1. What is the story of your work and how did it lead to saying “yes” to this gathering?
  2. We’re well beyond the debate that journalism is changing. Tell me about an experience had with these new realities — roles, tools, relationships, economics — in which the emerging news ecology actually made a difference in telling a story that mattered. What did that experience teach you about the gifts of both new ways of working and the traditional roots of journalism?
  3. Without being humble, what do you value most about yourself? What do you see yourself bringing to this meeting?
  4. What is it about journalism without which it would cease to be journalism; what is its essential core? What are you ready to let go of?
  5. The year is 2014 and the new news ecology is a vibrant media landscape. What is journalism bringing to communities and democracy that matters most? What steps did we take back in 2009 to begin to bring this about?

Reflections on the conversations: