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Session Reporter: Carol Zuegner

Conversationalist 1: Laura Kessel

Conversationalist 2: Carol Zuegner

Reactions from Laura Kessel

Meaning from the interview?

1)      I enjoy very much hearing from a different perspective the concerns of the future and the goals of the education system as it prepares our next generation of journalists. I’ve always thought I’d like to teach journalism – all the things that I wish I had learned that really are important to know. So, I look forward to getting that perspective at the conference, as well. As I look at the names of those who will be attending, it’s a fascinating mix of folks from different areas of media. It will be exciting to hear their ideas, too.

Standout story or quote?

2)      Carol’s quote on the Rocky Mountain News package was very exciting for me: “One experience, one I had was as a professor, trying to find good examples to show my students the power of storytelling using all of these forms of media. I found it in the Rocky Mountain News’ “Final Salute” package. ( And the fact the Rocky might close makes me so sad.)”

This is one of the multimedia stories that I use to drive myself in my pursuit of packaging excellence. The planning is evident in every word of the package, and the time commitment is so incredibly impressive. I am dedicated to my craft, and my mere jealousy of this opportunity this reporter and photographer had drives me to find my own stories to tell on the same level. How cool that someone else enjoyed this piece as much as I did.

Surprised, challenged, inspired?

3)      I enjoyed hearing her perspectives as a multi-layered journalist. She works as a teacher and an editor, so she sees this business from its different sides. That it still excites her is nice to see. I’m looking forward to meeting Carol to learn more about how she thinks.
From Carol Z

What meaning did you take from the interviews?

As someone mainly in academic life, I am energized to see that people like Laura are out there. I have known some journalists who seem convinced that if they keep doing the same thing, this is just a bump in the road. I also value the dedication to accuracy and to what matters.

2. Please share a standout story or quote for each of you.

For me, this was the quote: I’m ready to let go of the idea that there’s only one way to tell a story. There are new ways that are being born even today as I write this. We must deliver news to our readers in ways they want to receive it. The key is to keep it fresh, accurate and make it clear why it’s important to them.

I almost think the hardest thing — and I understand why it’s hard — is the letting go of what people have done well for a long time and moving onto a different plane. Until I read Laura’s answers, I hadn’t thought as much about the letting go. It’s really freeing.

3. What surprised, challenged, inspired, and/or delighted you about the

I’m always inspired, challenged, energized by people who really care about what they do and really want to make it better.

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