Index of Rebooting the News breakout session reports

1 p.m. sessions

  • Room 315 AV — What should news literacy look and sound like in 8-12 classrooms? — Frank Baker
  • Room 305A — Designing the idea online conversation — Lucas Cioffi
  • Room 306C — Is it possible to laugh at our political process without disengaging from it? — Tina
  • Room 307A — How do we train teachers effectively for news/media literacy? — Steve Fox
  • Room 314 AV — DEMO-Know the News — Evelyn Messinger
  • Room 306A AV — How does the media connect with schools? — SLA

2:15 p.m. sessions

  • Room 314 — How can we utilize online tools to promote news literacy?– Kaizar Campwala
  • Room 308A — Is there a way to make news a non-commodity resource?– Karen Zill
  • Room 307B — What role can media companies themselves play in advancing concepts of news literacy — Sherri
  • Room 315 AV — Global news literacy collaboration in NW China — Steve Wilmarth
  • Room 308B — What would a participatory-democracy and news media experiemnt look like to enhance both? — Alexander Moll
  • Room 306 B Can student journalism build news literacy skills? Why or why not? — Renee Hobbs

3:30 p.m. sessions

  • Room 315 AV — How do news/media literacy dependent upon copyright/fair use? — Renee Hobbs
  • Room 314 AV — How can we use new-media tools to present quality globa news and engage youth as consumers/producers? Nathalie
  • Room 308A — Beyond Cynicism — News literacy and reinforcing the necessity of a free media for civil society — Paul Mihailidis
  • Room 308B — How do you encourage youth civic engagement in authoritarian education environments? — Bryan Doyle
  • Room 305 — Re-imagining political coverage in a new-media environment — Bill Allison, Sunlight Foundation
  • Room 306A — News literacy for pre-school parents — R. Desmond