“Rebooting the News: Reconsidering An Agenda for 21st Century Civic Education”

A CONVENING: Oct. 23-25, 2008 / Philadelphia

A short, strategic convening for journalists, teachers, educational administrators and public-policy researchers

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NewsTrust At Rebooting the News

NewsTrust founder Fabrice Florin and Associate Editor Kaizar Campwala enjoyed attending this conference, and hope to continue to work with the conference attendees on using NewsTrust to promote news literacy in school, colleges, and beyond.

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NewsTrust uses a unique approach to help people find good journalism online, so they can make more informed decisions as citizens.

We’re nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to news literacy and civic engagement. Our social news network features a daily feed of quality news and opinions from mainstream and independent sources, based on ratings from our reviewers. Our web review tools enable the public to evaluate fairness, evidence, sourcing and other core journalistic principles — and become more discriminating news consumers in the process. We also rate our reviewers based on performance, to insure the reliability of our feeds and help them grow their own news literacy. To find out more, check our site: launched in November 2006 and has attracted a growing community of journalists, educators and citizens, who share a passion for quality news and information. Our media partners include PBS, Huffington Post, and Scientific American — and our educational partners include Stanford University, Stony Brook and the University of Nevada. We are launching a new version of our site in fall 2008, as well as special projects with major media partners and online portals later this year.

NewsTrust’s Executive Director is Fabrice Florin, a former journalist and a digital media pioneer at Apple and Macromedia. Our team includes a select group of award-winning journalists, technologists and community organizers — with advisors such as Dan Gillmor, Craig Newmark, Howard Rheingold and other media innovators from organizations like the Associated Press, Google, Poynter Institute and Stanford University.

The MacArthur Foundation is our largest backer and has awarded a $450,000 multi-year grant to support NewsTrust. Other funding sources include the Ayrshire Foundation, the Mitch Kapor Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation and the Tides Foundation, as well as Google and private donors such as Craig Newmark (Craigslist) and Doug Carlston (Public Radio International).

Founded in 2005 and based in Mill Valley, California, NewsTrust is funded through grants and private donations. Though we are nonprofit, we aim to run a sustainable business, and plan to generate revenue from online sponsorships, memberships, licensing and partner services to support this project in coming years.

For more info, contact Fabrice Florin, Executive Director – – (415) 388-6688

Fair Media Council seeks to recognize teaching of news literacy

“Input wanted:” Fair Media Council seeking to recognize fourth to sixth grade teachers around the country for using news in their curriculum in a variety of ways, but especially for teaching news literacy. Any suggestions, anecdotes, caveats are appreciated, as well as advice on how to promote this program to its target audience. By recognizing teachers who believe in creating media savvy children, we want to encourage more to do the same.

Jaci Clement, Executive Director
Fair Media Council
516.224.1860, ext. 100

Two research projects from NAA available for download

Sandy Woodcock,at the Newspaper Association of America writes:

“I hope that the following two research projects, funded by the Newspaper Association of American Foundation and available for free download on theFoundation’s Web site, will be part of this discussion:

Sandy Woodcock | Director
Newspaper Association of America Foundation
4401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 900 | Arlington, VA 22203 |
571.366.1008 | 571.366.1208 FAX | |


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