“A partial listing of ‘best possible outcomes’ from Renee Hobbs’ dinner party:”

  • Consensus statement on need for civic/news education frameworks in K-12 teaching
  • Video post-it notes
  • That we find a center of gravity for our collective work that provides a general direction and amplifies individual efforts
  • How to make news a vital part of education
  • Knowing how to use news lit / media lit to create a culture that thinks deeply and communicates effectively.
  • I want a new idea about what “news” means
  • Opening up new possibilities to work together for news literacy
  • How can we change the economic structure of the news industry so it isn’t profit driven but focused on the public interest?
  • Collaboration
  • How can journalism education be reinstated in school curriculum
  • More youth on NewsTrust!
  • What news literacy really looks like in a middle school or high school classroom
  • A news literacy outline that everyone agrees would work in classrooms.
  • A consortium of people in different fields pushing for cross-curriculum media literacy.