Registration opens May 18, 4:00pm

Conference Hours

  • Thursday, May 18, 5pm-8pm
  • Friday, May 19, 9:00-5pm, evening activity 6-9pm
  • Saturday, May 20, 9:00-5pm, evening activity TBD
  • Sunday, May 21, 9:00-12:30pm

Thursday, May 18  Setting the stage

4:00pm      Registration

5:00pm      Welcome!

We’ll lay the groundwork for a working conference by getting a sense of who’s in the room and what we hope to accomplish.

Lessons from the field: examples of engaged journalism

We’ll see some examples of what’s working and have a conversation about what we can learn from them. Confirmed:

Ashley Alvarado, Public Engagement Manager, KPCC

Sarah Alvarez, Founder/Lead Reporter at Outlier Media

Adriana Gallardo, Engagement Reporter, ProPublica

Michelle Holmes, VP Content at Media Group

Shannon McGregor, Engaging News Project

Cameron Whitten, Know Your City  and Portland’s Resistance

8:00pm     Adjourn

Friday, May 19  Possibilities Day: Explore/imagine/invent

Structure: We’ll use “Open Space Technology” to set the agenda with breakout sessions hosted by participants on the topics of their choice.

Outcome: Topics of most interest explored in-depth.  Individual and collective ideas about how news and information in civic life can be most impactful begin to take shape.

8:00am                   Buffet breakfast and networking

9:00am                   Morning reflections, agenda creation

10:30am                  Breakout Sessions, round 1

Noon – 1:00pm      Lunch

1:00pm                     Breakout Sessions, round 2

2:30pm                     Breakout Sessions, round 3

4:00-5:00pm           Evening News: Highlights from the day

6:00 – 8:00pm         Dinner & Evening activity: An Evening with… 
                                     Confirmed conversation catalysts include:

Meredith Clark, University of North Texas
Lewis Friedland, Vilas Distinguished, Leon Epstein Fellow, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Eric Gordon, Founder and Executive Director, Engagement Lab, Emerson College
Mónica Guzmán, 2016 Nieman Fellow and Cofounder at The Evergrey

Saturday, May 20 – Design-Build Day: What’s next?

We’ll provide space for taking action on initiatives that have life beyond this event.

Outcomes:  Ideas generated, partnerships formed, current initiatives revitalized, new initiatives identified.

8:00am                    Buffet breakfast and networking

9:00am                     Morning reflections, agenda creation

9:30am                     Breakout Sessions, round 4

10:45am                   Breakout Sessions, round 5

12:00pm                  Afternoon News – session highlights

12:30pm                   Lunch

2:00pm                      Pro-action Cafe

Turn ideas into action through diving in more deeply into your next steps.    

5:00pm                       Adjourn


Sunday, May 21 – Community of Practice / Platform day

Our focus: How do we support this growing community of practice to learn, share, and do their best work on behalf of communities?

8:00am         Buffet breakfast and networking

9:00am         What have we learned over the last 3 days?  

                        Identify next steps and organize for action

12:00              Closing reflections

12:30            Adjourn