About Catalytic Conversations

Jump starting discussions and insights

Following this introduction, you’ll find the stream of reflections from the “Catalytic Conversations” that are happening before the April 3-4, 2013 convening in Denver. We have paired conference participants inviting them to talk with each other.

We’ve asked that people reflect on their conversation here or via our Journalism That Matters FaceBook page (which feeds this page).
Suggested reflection questions:

1. What meaning did you take from the conversation?

2. Share a standout story or quote for each of you.

3. What surprised, challenged, inspired, and/or delighted you about the conversation?



Our main suggestion is to talk about who you are, what you’re doing, and what you hope to get out of the conference. If you like, take a look at the questions below as stimulus to your conversation.

If you use these questions, we suggest one person act as interviewer for all of the questions, then swap roles.

1. Tell me about your work and how it led to saying “yes” to attending this event.

2. What outcomes would you like for yourself and your organization/work from this event?

3. Tell me a story about experiencing the emerging news and information ecosystem at its best.

a. What happened?

b. Who was involved?

c. What made it a pivotal experience?

d. What did it tell you about what works in the new ecosystem?

4. Without being humble, what do you value most about yourself? What do you see yourself bringing to this conference?

5. The year is 2018 and a vibrant media landscape exists that engages all people and serves the news and information needs of communities and our democracy.

a. What’s happening?

b. What steps did you take at this event and immediately thereafter to contribute to this outcome?

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