About the News and Information Commons

Front Range news and information providers share their work through informal table displays and conversations. (See list below)

For information on hosting a table, contact us at jtm@journalismthatmatters.org.

Hosting a Table at the Commons:

Front Range and Vicinity

  1. Colorado Public News, Cara DeGette
  2. Denver Post, Kevin Dale
  3. EdNews Colorado, Maura Walz
  4. High Country News, Cally Carswell
  5. I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS, Laura Frank
  6. Open Media Foundation, Tony Shawcross
  7. Solar Charged Driving, Univ. of Denver – Media, Film and Journalism Studies, Christof Demont-Heinrich
  8. University of Colorado Journalism & Mass Communication, Paul Voakes

Beyond the Front Range

  1. Brown Paper Ticket’s “Make Radio Challenge”, Sabrina Roach
  2. The Civic Commons, Jill Zimon
  3. Grassroots Journalism, Eesha Williams
  4. J-Lab, Jan Schaffer
  5. Media Deserts & Entrepreneurship, Michelle Ferrier
  6. Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence, Rob Williams
  7. Washington News Council & the TAO of Journalism, Mike Fancher
  8. WKYC-Cleveland (Gannett), Rita Andolsen


Front Range and Vicinity

Colorado Public News

Cara DeGette

Colorado Public News is an award-winning nonprofit news organization that supplies in-depth, originally reported newspaper, radio and television stories to media partners across Colorado. CPN reaches millions of readers and viewers every week via our network of 47 partners, which include the largest newspapers, radio and television stations in the state, as well as our fiscal sponsor, Colorado Public Television Channel 12. Housed at the Five Points Media Center near downtown Denver, CPN was founded in 2009 in response to shrinking newsrooms and the resulting deteriorating quality of in-depth and investigative news – particularly in specialized areas like healthcare, the environment, energy and social justice. The news operation is funded from grants and individual contributions. CPN’s reporters, editors, photojournalists and other talent bring decades of experience from daily, alternative and online publications, as well as from television and radio.


Denver Post

Kevin Dale


The Denver Post is the largest news-gathering operation in the Rocky Mountain region. The Post delivers news on all platforms and through a vast social media network. The newsroom has been cited nationally for its ground-breaking coverage of breaking news events and has won Pulitzer Prizes in each of the past three years. So far, The Post has won the ASNE breaking news award and the Scripps Howard breaking news award for coverage of the Aurora shootings. The Post newsroom is fully integrated on all platforms, utilizing print, web, mobile, social, multi-media and live broadcasts to deliver instant news to its growing audience.


EdNews Colorado

Maura Walz


EdNews Colorado, along with sister sites in our parent organization, the Education News Network, are the only news services devoted exclusively to continuing, in-depth coverage of education policymaking in the legislature and state government and to comprehensive coverage and serious analysis of such issues as school choice, accountability and education reform. Our goal is to provide the kind of detailed, balanced news and analysis that readers don’t get from interest groups and professional associations or from the commercial media.

We believe that high-quality, impartial coverage of the education sphere can help improve schools by giving parents, educators, policymakers and the general public the information they need to make smart decisions.

To that end, we provide breaking news and detailed stories; a section devoted to parents of school-age children and a vibrant opinion section; a daily education news headline aggregation; databases that allow readers to access school and district-level data; real-time tracking of education bills in the legislature; and weekly newsletters, a jobs board, and calendars of education-related events in our community.


High Country News

Cally Carswell


High Country News is a non-profit media organization that covers the issues and stories that define the American West. HCN publishes an award-winning newsmagazine, a popular website and a weekly op-ed column service, along with special reports and books. We cover public lands, water, natural resources, energy, grazing, wilderness, wildlife, logging, politics, communities, growth and other issues now changing the face of the West. From the Northern Rockies to the desert Southwest, from the Great Plains to the West Coast, HCN’s coverage spans 11 Western states and is the leading source for regional environmental news, analysis and commentary, making it an essential resource for those who care about this region. HCN’s commitment to environmental stewardship, diversity and social responsibility gives an added resonance to this unique Western voice, through journalism that goes well beyond daily newspaper coverage. High Country News strives to inspire and engage readers to expand and challenge their own perspectives.


I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS

Laura Frank


I-News is the public service journalism arm of Rocky Mountain PBS. I-News reports on issues of statewide importance and local impact. Its specialty is turning complex information into compelling multimedia stories – so citizens can make better-informed decisions.

I-News pioneered the model of collaborative multimedia journalism in Colorado. Launched in February of 2009, the I-News Network has grown from a dozen to more than 150 news organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain region, delivering news to millions of people through the most trusted news organizations in public and commercial media. I-News merged with Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO public radio in January 2013.

I-News produces stories that inspire the public to change laws and lives. Visit www.iNewsNetwork.org/about for examples.


Open Media Foundation

Tony Shawcross


The Open Media Foundation provides affordable, high-end media and technology services for nonprofit and public-sector clients. In addition, OMF offers education and tools that enable everyone to represent their own voice in the new media conversation.  OMF’s initiatives include:

  • Denver Open Media: Denver’s unique community-powered TV station where community members create the content and viewers vote to decide what’s on TV.

  • The Colorado Channel: Colorado’s statewide Public Affairs TV station, providing direct access to the proceedings of Colorado State Government.

  • The Open Media Project: An open-source software initiative, providing automation software that enables community-powered media entities like DOM and the Colorado Channel.


Solar Charged Driving, University of Denver – Media, Film and Journalism Studies

Christof Demont-Heinrich


Founded in September 2009 by University of Denver Journalism Professor Christof Demont-Heinrich, SolarChargedDriving.Com is a multimedia web site devoted to covering and promoting the synergy between solar energy and electric vehicles (EVs). While other web sites occasionally cover the intersection between solar energy and electric cars, SolarChargedDriving.Com is the only site on the web that consistently focuses on the synergy between solar and EVs. When enacted, the solar electricity + EV synergy results in an essentially air pollution free automobile. It also delivers fueling independence for solar-charged drivers, freeing them from our society’s one-dimensional and self-destructive addiction to oil. Driven by a deep and abiding environmental activism, SolarChagedDriving.Com seeks to push solar energy and EVs forward, and, in so doing, aims to help to create a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world.


University of Colorado, Journalism and Mass Communication

Paul Voakes

The University of Colorado’s Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC) program offers an outstanding education in the bedrock principles and newest skills used in professional media.  Our program is in the midst of a transition that would put students at the cutting edge of new technology.  The university is considering a proposal for a new interdisciplinary college for digital media, with JMC as one of its founding departments.  The college could, for instance, bring together strengths from across campus such as graphic arts,computer science, video storytelling, social media, advertising, cultural studies of media and, of course, journalism.  We have launched “Journalism Plus,” the equivalent of a double major, so that our graduates can enter the workforce with deep knowledge in a subject in addition to journalistic skills.  We also operate the CU News Corps, where advanced students report on major news events in cooperation with Colorado media, and conduct in-depth enterprise reporting – also for use in the state’s news outlets.


Beyond the Front Range


Brown Paper Ticket’s “Make Radio Challenge”

Sabrina Roach


Brown Paper Tickets has committed to to filling every available LPFM frequency in our hometown of Seattle with a qualified applicant, as a model for communities across the nation to achieve the same goal. Are you up to the challenge?! Part of our plan is to reach out and work with organizations and public agencies across the country to get the word out, and to provide free organizational development assistance to LPFM applicants with an emphasis on financial sustainability. With start-up costs of roughly $20-30,000 spread out over two to three years, this opportunity is within reach for many, especially with public funding that we have been able to find is available for LPFM applicants in several cities.

Here’s a Denver LPFM resource guide that’s especially useful for information about public agency funding available in Denver: http://community.brownpapertickets.com/Doers/docs/DenverLPFMResource.pdf.


The Civic Commons

Jill Zimon


The Civic Commons is designed for civic good and devoted to transparent, civil productive online dialogue. Its web environment hosts advocates, electeds and organizations interested in urban renewal, climate action, education reform and many more topics. The Civic Commons believes in well-designed social media tools that have the power to strengthen community in a very old fashioned way–through thoughtful, intentional, open discourse.


Grassroots Journalism

Eesha Williams, editor, ValleyPost.org (Brattleboro, Vermont); author of Grassroots Journalism and Good News: Local Journalism That Made a Difference.

Robert McChesney is professor of communications at the University of Illinois and founder of Free Press and the National Conference for Media Reform. He said, “Grassroots Journalism is the long overdue antidote to traditional journalism textbooks that have stripped the politics and passion from newsgathering … All journalism teachers who are more concerned with democracy than with protecting their backsides should assign this book, and all aspiring journalists should read it.” University of Denver journalism professor Lynn Schofield Clark said, “I assign Good News to my students because in the midst of all of the negative news about cuts in the journalism industry, Good News provides students with an important and upbeat look at the difference that quality journalism can make in their communities.”



Jan Schaffer


J-Lab is a journalism catalyst. We fund new approaches to journalism, research what works and share the new knowledge gained from those experiments and from years of working with news creators. Since 2005, J-Lab has funded 100 entrepreneurial news startups and collaborative-journalism pilot projects and spotlighted scores of journalism innovations through its Knight-Batten Awards. It maintains five websites with online learning modules, including the Knight Citizen News Network (KCNN.org), J-Learning.org, and NewMediaWomen.org.


Media Deserts & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Elon University School of Communications


Using geographic information systems and media data, Dr. Ferrier is collaborating with researchers to build a media system “climate map” that helps identify communities lacking in fresh news and information. Working with Journalism That Matters and other entities, she seeks to explore and develop interventions to remedy media deserts. She is seeking higher education partners to help build out the national map.



Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence

Rob Williams


Founded in 2005, Vermont Commons: Voices of Independence is a multimedia news journal by and for the citizens of Vermont. We are solutions-oriented, non-partisan, and interested in promoting ongoing and vigorous debate about a more sustainable future for the once and future republic of Vermont, and the world. We are a multimedia forum for exploring the idea of Vermont independence – political, economic, social, and spiritual. We are unaffiliated with any other organization or media, and interested in all points of view. We welcome your writing, photos, thoughts, and participation.


Washington News Council & the TAO of Journalism

Mike Fancher

http://wanewscouncil.org & http://taoofjournalism.org

The mission of the Washington News Council is to help maintain public trust and confidence in the news media by promoting fairness, accuracy and balance, and by creating a forum where the public and the news media can engage each other in examining standards of journalistic fairness and accountability.

The TAO of Journalism Pledge is a promise to your audience that you will be Transparent about who you are, Accountable for your mistakes, and Open to other points of view. If you’re a legacy journalist, a citizen journalist, an independent blogger, or anyone else practicing journalism in the broadest sense of the word, here’s an idea that can help you gain credibility and earn trust: Take the TAO Pledge and display the TAO Seal on your website, blog, printed page, newsletter, or wherever.


WKYC-Cleveland (Gannett)

Rita Andolsen


WKYC TV is a Gannett owned NBC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio. Our parent company is very focused on being purpose minded and having its properties, both broadcast and newspaper, go beyond reporting the news to actually make the communities they serve better places to live. To that end, we created a Director of Advocacy role that works closely with other station department heads and the community to determine relevant issues and projects that we as a station can get behind and support in an effort to create positive change. Advocacy has always been one of the tenets of Journalism. This initiative enable WKYC to take Advocacy to a new level and truly play a role in making our community a better place to live.