What I want J-Schools to be teaching students

Convener”: Sue Ellen Christian

At Sue Ellen’s request, people wrote ideas on slips of paper and gave them to her:

Ethics – how to handle tragedies and not freak out

Asking questions, listening, first hand, eyewitness reporting

How to do an interview

Teach a variety of multimedia skills

Give them a sense of hope for the J. industry

Cultural literacy – and fast – by 2050 U.S. will be a majority of people of color

Writing for the web from breaking news to blogging

Let students design an alternative media enterprise for the city in which they attend school

Please teach them real “Marshall McLuhan”

Journalism students should learn to stimulate the community, to ask good questions of each other and politicians

Make sure they appreciate that news is a conversation, not a lecture

Technorati.com, blogher.com

Explore what journalism is and what it is not

Make them familiar with technology and how to do news on it

Demystify technology, encourage and allow playfulness with it

Ways to incorporate and collaborate different media forms

Ways to avoid being a lazy journalist

Teach citizens to be better journalists. What they need to do as personal journalists.

Teach media literacy and understanding of what each media offers and what doesn’t offer

See Berkeley journalism school website

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