Opening Night Questions

What question do you personally care deeply about that if explored could make a difference to the future of journalism?

How can I inspire more curiosity and responsibility in my community through journalistic storytelling?

What are the stories that matter and how can they best be told to serve the good of individuals, communities and the whole of life?

Who is invisible?

How do we provide information to people so they can make thoughtful, informed decisions about their lives?

What will Silja be doing in 2015? (i.e. how will a healthy journalist be doing her job?)

How can we create more space for the public commons?

How can we inspire journalists to be what they want the world to be?

The media economic model is changing and will get worse, and that is scary to the personal livelihoods of journalists. What is the new economic model that will preserve the integrity of journalism that I grew up with?

Is journalism a dinosaur? Can we grow new legs quickly enough to walk on 21st century terrain?

Can journalists facilitate safe public conversations that engage our likenesses and differences in service of building healthy communities?

What does it take to establish (or re-establish) enlightened ownership of media properties?

What is journalism?

How can you engage journalists in and render as journalists the story of America’s crumbling master narrative?

How can we reconcile what interests the public – with what’s in the public interest? Also: How can we inspire journalists to ask questions on behalf of those who cannot.

In a society and world where journalism based in faith is in the ascendance, how do we encourage more journalism based on facts – and help people understand the difference?

Why are journalists so afraid of change?

Are truth and objectivity marketable in today’s society?

Are we, as journalists, willing to do what it takes to restore the public’s faith in our work?

How do you hold on to the fundamental journalistic values such as fairness and balance while forging a new path for journalism and while giving journalism back to journalists and taking it from Mainstream media?

How can we overcome our tendency to demonize our partners in journalism whether in the same media or across different mediums – is collaboration possible and/or desirable?

As media workers in a democratic society how do we tell the stories in a way that leads audiences to feel empowered as citizens – and responsible as citizens?

Why isn’t journalism fun anymore?

How can we shake up journalistic paradigms, attitudes and traditions so we can stay relevant and aware? (Especially in reference to what we cover and pay attention to).

How can we support the editors, citizens and journalists who will create the journalism we want?

What is the balance between providing news we believe the public wants and will pay for with the news we feel serves the highest common good?

What interests the public vs. what is in the public interest…


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