Nancy Amidei and Cate Montana

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Session Reporter: Cate Montana

Conversationalist 1: Nancy Amidei

Conversationalist 2: Cate Montana

The meaning gleaned from our conversation was most likely the same as the fundamental meaning of the whole conference: the vital importance of people from different perspectives connecting and addressing issues, and the rich harvest of ideas and possibilities that comes from such a diverse connection.

Although neither Nancy or I are directly connected with the field of journalism, (at least not anymore!) it was instantly clear we are both deeply concerned about the quality of information the press disseminates, and agree how important it is that a broad spectrum of unbiased ideas and voices be heard.

Nancy’s current “bee in the bonnet” is that she is “troubled by the degree journalists are speeding up the general cynicism for the government.” She cited as an example a recent joke cracked by NPR Weekend Edition host, Scott Simon: “How do you address a former felon?” Answer: Senator. Nancy points out, “I think journalists are not being self-critical enough. They are not aware of how they are contributing to the problem.”

Cate would like to see “direct channels of information to all levels of government develop, so that individual and group innovations in areas such as drug abuse, poverty, education, economics etc. can get to the right people so that effective programs they can be implemented on a broad scale.”

Both of us were delighted and inspired by our conversation. Nancy was especially relieved to hear my positive stories about a conference I attended that employed Open Space Technology. Both of us can’t wait to meet each other in person!

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Bill Mitchell and Chris Nelson

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Session Reporter: Chris Nelson

Conversationalist 1: Chris Nelson

Conversationalist 2: Bill Mitchell

For me, one of the primary takeaways from our talk was that we’re have a “self-selection” problem in our country. That is, from the communities we live in, to the news we choose to read, too often we decide to surround ourselves with those who think along similar lines. Or maybe that’s too soft – we surround ourselves with those who subscribe to the same orthodoxy? Bill quoted someone saying, “We’re at a point where we can’t talk with each other if we don’t agree.” Do we listen better in these self-selected circles? Neither of us thinks we do. How do our new media channels and new media tools address this?
On a related note, I was excited to see The Seattle Times start to incorporate the work of blogs like Myballard and the West Seattle Blog into their pages. But we still need the Times itself to take that larger regional and national perspective. I’m a believer in localization, but I also fear we’re losing the larger picture too often. And by larger picture, I don’t only mean geographically, but also just in a sense of common ground.
We’re looking forward to meeting people who are thinking about these ideas and where we’re headed during the JTM get together.
I’ll let Bill weigh in with other comments if he has them. Thanks again for connecting us. We’ll see you in January!

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Seattle Housing Options

The hotel most convenient to Haggett and the east side of the campus is the Silver Cloud Inn at 5036 25th Street NE, Seattle, WA 98105, just north of University Village. The hotel has reserved a block of rooms for Journalism That Matters participants through Dec. 18 at the rate of $119/night for a single king or $129 for two queen beds, including wireless Internet access. You can obtain the rate by calling 800-205-6940 and asking for the “Journalism That Matters” rate. Or, go to the hotel reservations page,, select “Group or Company,” then type in Group or Corporate ID: JTMCONF, the password 2009, then follow instructions to complete the reservation. The Silver Cloud is part of a Seattle-based chain of quality business-class hotels. It has a shuttle van service that can bring attendees directly to and from Haggett Hall at the university. (HOTEL MAP/DIRECTIONS).

Other hotels

There are other hotels in the district, but on the west side of the campus, a significantly long walk. There is also no good bus connection from these hotels onto the campus. These include Hotel Deca, 4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE; Watertown Hotel, 4242 Roosevelt Way NE, and University Inn, 4140 Roosevelt Way NE. The Travelodge on the east side of the campus, across the street from the Silver Cloud, is less expensive ($76 for a single), but reviews of the motel are somewhat mixed. It’s at 4725 25th Ave. N.E.

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JTM-PNW Transportation and Parking


Northwest ReNews will attract mostly regional participants. Those who fly in should use Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA or SeaTac). The campus venue is about a 45-minute drive from the airport by car or various shuttle services.

Driving Directions

Via Interstate-5 to Haggett Hall: Take Exit 169, NE 45th St., and turn east (right if traveling northbound, left if traveling southbound) onto NE 45th St. To reach Haggett Hall, travel east on NE 45th St. to 17th Avenue NE and turn south (right) onto campus. Stop at the parking gate and tell the gatehouse person that you are part of the “Journalism Conference”.

They will direct you to proceed to Stevens Way and turn east (left). After turning left onto Whitman Court, you will find Haggett Hall on the right-hand side of the road. Please note that all parking on campus is restricted to paid permits only, which you may purchase either at the campus gatehouses or at a residence hall front desk.


The best parking location is the Padelford Garage on the east side of the campus. On January 7th, 8th and 9th (until noon), the gatehouse personnel will direct you to various levels of the garage N18-N20. Tell the gatehouse person that you are part of the “Journalism Conference”.

Daily parking is $15, except on Saturday before noon and after 4 p.m. when it is $6. There is no fee for Sunday or after noon on Saturday. As you ride the escalator out of Padelford, we’ll guide you to Haggett Hall.  Full fee details

METRO Bus Service

Cost: $1.75–$2.50 depending on the time of day. Exact change is required.

From downtown Seattle, board bus #71, 72 or 73 to the University District.

Exit the bus at NE Campus Parkway and Brooklyn Avenue. Walk 100 feet to Bay #2 and get on bus #65. Show the driver your transfer pass. Entering the main gate onto campus, the bus will turn left onto Stevens Way at the first intersection. At the second stop (in front of Padelford Hall), exit the bus and show your transfer pass. Just across the street will be Clark Hall. Walk north along Stevens Way, passing Pend Oreille Road on your right. Continue straight onto Whitman Court. The first building on the right is McMahon Hall, followed by Haggett Hall.


5036 25th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105

206-526-5200 ~ 800-205-6940

Seattle Tacoma Intl. Airport: Approximate driving time is 33 minutes. Distance is 19 miles.

United Town Car Service

This service gives our guests a special discounted rate to/from the airport. Reservations are made directly through the Silver Cloud Inn.

Information needed to book:

  1. Date of Arrival
  2. Airline
  3. Flight #
  4. Arrival Time
  5. Cell phone# (if available)

Once you arrive at Seattle/Tacoma airport, your town car will be waiting in a cell phone waiting lot and require that you call 206.228.6526 (your driver) and they will then tell you where to locate them.

Shuttle Express

Reservations can be made online @ or your may call 24 hrs. a day at 425.981.7000. Shuttle express airport fares are based on the zip code you are traveling to or from and the number of people traveling in your party. For actual fares please visit Quick Quotes, Share-Ride Rates and Scheduled Hotel Service Rates online.

Various Taxi Cabs

Available on the third floor of the Parking Garage @ Seattle/Tacoma Airport. Sedans, station wagons and large vans are available.

Call 206.246.9999, or use the curbside phones on Baggage Claim Level.

Rates are available online: (

Directions to Silver Cloud Inn – University District

From I-5: Take Exit 169 (NE 45th St)
Go east on 45th 1 mile, passing UW on your right. Just beyond UW, descend down steeply graded overpass. Take the first unmarked exit and merge right onto Montlake Blvd.  Immediately turn right onto 44th Avenue NE and right again onto NE 25th (completing the “cloverleaf” under the overpass you just descended)The hotel is five blocks north, just past University Village shopping center.

** Transportation prices subject to change without notice. **

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About JTM’s Format

JTM facilitates fresh, inclusive thinking and unexpected ideas in an atmosphere of professional intimacy and respect.  We use interactive communication practices (including Open Space TechnologyWorld CaféAppreciative InquiryBohm Dialogue and others) which challenge individuals and groups to take responsibility for what matters to them.  An overall convening starts with several hundred people, then quickly self-organizes into a series of smaller interest groups which report out ideas and action steps to the whole.

News organizations, groups and foundations have supported the convenings because of their dynamic, “open” circle format and cross-disciplinary participation, which has led to breakthrough thinking and ongoing collaboration.  Journalism That Matters participants report that their approach to work and the future of news is transformed, and they form relationships of lasting professional significance.

Journalism That Matters has provided an arena for mainstream and independent journalists to interact creatively with the public, bloggers, and new media pioneers in order to imagine and create new forms and platforms of community storytelling.

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Re-imagining News & Community in the Pacific Northwest

Haggett Hall, University of Washington, Seattle

January 7-10, 2010

Staying connected after the conference

Conference multimedia

Participant blogs

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