The Program


Inspiring Conversations among Emerging Media Leaders

Advisory Group Planning Meeting

April 28-30, 2005


Overall Purpose

To engage emerging news media leaders – our society’s storytellers – in a dialogue about a future for media that reconnects it to the best of its fundamental roots and imagines its potential for shaping a healthy future so that powerful relationships are formed and inspired action is seeded.

Meeting Purpose

To explore possibilities for this project, creating connections among us, forming a strong advisory group and inspiring next steps, likely to include a by-invitation conference.


Before the event

Conduct Appreciative Interviews

Purpose: To begin to imagine the future of journalism through our individual experiences and aspirations for its future

Thursday, April 28

3:30pm   Introduction

Purpose, outcomes for the weekend, something about Fetzer (who they are, why they are funding this, what they expect and aspire to as a result)

3:45   Welcome, Purpose, Agenda

4:00   Fetzer: what it is, why they are hosting this meeting

4:15   Introductions

  • Your background,
  • what excited you about coming

5:30   Dinner

6:30 Storytelling

Friday, April 29

Open Space on Journalism that Matters: the purpose, meaning, and practices of journalism that meet today’s needs

Everyone involved in this project has their own picture of what “journalism that matters” means.  Using the emergent nature of Open Space, people can explore what this subject means to them and begin to converge on a collective understanding of what we can accomplish together.

  • For example, one session we see ourselves hosting is news through a lens of love and forgiveness

7:30a   Breakfast

8:30am   Opening circle

9:30   Session 1

11:00   Session 2

12:30   Lunch

2:00   Session 3

3:30   Evening reflection

5:30   Dinner

Saturday, April 30

What’s next?

7:30a   Breakfast

8:30   Opening circle / Council

20 minutes on their own: What did you learn?

What project do YOU want to pursue as a first next step?

Who would you involve?

9:00   Learnings

9:30   Project ideas, focus and strategize

11:10   Closing thoughts

11:30   Adjourn