The Invitation


Thank you for saying “yes” to being part of the Fetzer Institute Advisory Group on Journalism that Matters.

Among you are professionals in print, broadcast, new media, community media, the business of journalism, and the academics of journalism.  You come from traditional and independent media, covering the U.S. geographically, and reflecting at least some age, race, and gender diversity.

Here are some details about the meeting, including a few requests of you (in bold to spot them easily).

  • We’ll meet from Thursday, April 28 at 3:30pm – Saturday, April 30, at noon.  Jo Rewers from Fetzer will e-mail you information about arranging your transportation.  (Please note, if you’re on the West coast, you may need to arrive on April 27.)
  • Our agenda

o        Pre-meeting assignment (more on this soon)

o        Thursday afternoon: introductions/what brings you here?

o        Friday: Journalism that Matters: Inspiring Conversations among Emerging Media Leaders
We’ll use a process that sets the specific agenda around what’s important to you (to know more about the process, look at Open Space Technology)

o        Saturday am: Next Steps (continue with a process in which you determine the specifics)

Our long term purpose is to engage in a dialogue about a future for media that reconnects it to the best of its fundamental roots and imagines its potential for shaping the future.   Our focus for this meeting is to create connections among us, forming a strong Advisory Group and inspiring next steps, likely to include a by-invitation conference.

***  Please send a short bio to share with your fellow participants. ***

We know everyone of you has dedicated time to the future of journalism.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to this work,

Stephen Silha and Peggy Holman

P.S.  Within the next few days we’ll send you some information on spending about 45 minutes in conversation with another participant sometime before our meeting. Stay tuned.