SATURDAY: Before lunch, a “cheeks in the chairs” reflections — or “afternoon news”

Here are some of the short reflections from Experience Engagedment participants at the circle microphone before lunch.



*Patience (Marla)
*Remove the illusion of who we think we are as journalists and imagine something else (Michelle)
*Nothing about us without us –(the bumper sticker)
*Really cool examples of engagement in action
*In this frenetic world let’s not forget self care
*Finding new definitions of words we thought we might have been familiar with
*Being open to the disruptions and the unexpected (Susan)
*Metrix matters
*Going outside the system for parallax – for perspective
*What is that symbol that is both a question mark and an exclamation point. That’s it. (Stephen)
*The product is engagement
*Scheduling time to think about this on my calendar (Kathryn)
*Practicing engagement not just with who I’m comfortable with but the other side of the story and learning how to bring us together that way
*Practicing action that lends itself to more action
*If this is a microcosm, what is the role you’ve played and what is the role we are in the emerging ecosystem of democracy (Ann Stadler)
*Intentional kindness and compassion (Cylvia)
*Be unapologetic about doing engagement. Ask forgiveness instead of permission in the bureaucracy. Own it and do it. Don’t wait for permission (Denver)
*Maybe the purpose of storytelling and journalism in a community is a way for it to talk to itself, understand itself better / storytellers as bridgebuilders and connectors to bring disparate communities together. (Jackie Hai) (she said more on tape)
*To keep listening even after the formal period of listening is done, because there is more to understand

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