BACKGROUND: ALA’s Center for Public Life initiative Options



The American Library Association launched the Center for Public Life:

  . . . in conjunction with the Kettering Foundation in late 2009. The Center trains librarians from different types of libraries to convene and moderate deliberative forums and frame issues of local and national concern. During the first year, ALA formed an advisory committee and began training moderators to convene and conduct local deliberative forums on an issue framed by members: privacy. The Center serves as a hub of a network of active mentors capable of strengthening and expanding their work locally, statewide and nationally, and connecting it with other forum conveners throughout the country.  Unlike similar centers that exist around the country, ALA provides training to members of a single profession.librarianship, in different locations around the country and documents the growing involvement of libraries with deliberation. For many years, ALA has worked with libraries to encourage public deliberation, hosting moderator training sessions and other programs related!
  to community building and engagement.

For more information, contact Mary Ghikas ( at ALA or
Nancy Kranich,

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