Who’s Coming/Participating?

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  • Alphabetical order
  • (a) — denotes alum of previous Journalism That Matters convenings

    Participant of fellows sponsored where indicated by the Institute of Museum and Library Services or the Public Insight Network of American Public Media.

    1. Katy Aronoff, special-projects librarian, Bentley University, Waltham, Mass.
    2. Maureen Ambrosino, librarian director, Town of Westboro, Mass.uf
    3. Barbara Audet, assistant professor, journalism, Ithaca College, Newfield, N.Y.
    4. Liza Barry-Kessler, JTM Member, privacy lawyer, author, and SOIS grad student, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SOIS (IMLS Fellow)
    5. Louis Battalen, free-lance writer and former director Arms Library, Shelburne Falls, Mass.
    6. Charles Benton, Chairman and CEO, Benton Foundation, Evanston, Ill.
    7. Joe Bergantino, director/co-founder, New England Center for Investigative Reporting at Boston University (a)
    8. David Bollier, JTM Memberauthor and co-founder, Commons Strategies Group, Amherst, Mass.
    9. Jack Brighton, JTM Member, web developer/media archivist, retired broadcast journalist, Urbana, Ill.
    10. Lauren Britton-Smedley, JTM Member, MLIS grad student, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. (IMLS Fellow)
    11. Celeste Bruno, communications specialist, Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, Boston
    12. Dawn Buie, JTM Member, website developer, Toronto, Canada (a)
    13. Jacob Caggiano, JTM Member, webmaster, Washington News Council, Pullman, Wash.
    14. Dorothy Carner, head, journalism libraries, Univ. of Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
    15. Kristin Charles-Scaringi, IS grad student, SUNY-New Paltz, Roslindale, N.Y. (IMLS Fellow)
    16. Tina Cheng, MLIS masters candidate, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Penn. (IMLS Fellow)
    17. Cathy Chute, media-marketing lecturer, former alumni magazine publisher, Cambridge, Mass.
    18. Mary Chute, deputy director, libraries / Institute for Museum and Library Services, Washington, D.C.
    19. Lucas Cioffi, Athena Bridge, OnlineTownhalls, Washington, D.C. (a)
    20. Michael Colford, director of resource services/IT, Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass.
    21. Katherine Cook, JTM Member, Seattle, Wash.
    22. Shannon Crawford Barniskis, MLIS student/youth services librarian, Horicon Public Library, Beaver Dam, Wis. (IMLS Fellow)
    23. Marla Crockett, JTM Member, Dialogue consultant/ex-journalist, Chevy Chase, Md.
    24. Alpha Delap, JTM Member, MLIS graduate student, Univ. of Washington, Seatte (IMLS Fellow)
    25. Bill Densmore, JTM Member, director, Media Giraffe Project, Amherst, Mass. and consultant, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (a)
    26. Susan DiMattia, DiMattia Associates, Stamford, Conn.
    27. Jessica Durkin, JTM Member, National Assn. of Hispanic Journalists / graduate student, library science / researcher, the New America Foundation, Scranton, Pa. (a)
    28. Jordan Eschler, JTM Member, LIS grad student, University of Washington, Seattle (IMLS Fellow)
    29. Troy Espe, LIS grad student, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. (Public Insight Network Fellow)
    30. Linda Fantin, assoc. director, Public Insight Network, American Public Media, St. Paul, Minn.
    31. Christi Farrar, asst. reference librarian, Woburn Public Library, Woburn, Mass.
    32. Michelle Fellows, masters LIS candidate, University of Washington, Seattle (Public Insight Network Fellow)
    33. Jeanine Finn, JTM Member, IS grad student, University of Texas, Austin, Texas (IMLS Fellow)
    34. Tom Flanagan, JTM Member, board president, Institute for 21st Century Agoras, Barrington, RI
    35. Fabrice Florin, founder, NewsTrust.net, Mill Valley, Calif. (a) (participating via Skype)
    36. Amy Garmer, director of journalism projects, The Aspen Institute Communications & Society Program, Washington, D.C.
    37. Karen Gill, JTM Member, community relations, Newport News Public Library System, Newport News, Va.
    38. Jennifer Gilomen, JTM Member, Director, Public Media, Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco, Calif.
    39. David Gordon, JTM Member, professor emeritus, Univ. of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Altoona, Wis.
    40. Helen Grosso, education consultant, Ideabate.org, Pawling, N.Y.
    41. Chelsea Gunn, JTM Member, Simmons College LIS grad student /  volunteer librarian, Boston Street Lab and its UNI Project, Boston
    42. Jan Harrington, trustee and former director, Framingham Public Library, Framingham, Mass.
    43. Jack Harris, graduate student/Eagleton Fellow, Rutgers University, Oceanport, N.J. (blog)
    44. Jamie Helgren, JTM Member, MLIS student, University of Denver, Denver, Colo.  (Public Insight Network Fellow)
    45. Renee Hobbs, JTM Member, professor and director, Media Education Lab at Temple University, Philadelphia, Penn. (a)
    46. Peggy Holman, JTM Member, author, The Change Handbook / co-founder, Journalism That Matters, Bellevue, Wash.
    47. Debbie Holmes, College of Coastal Georgia/Valdosta State, librarian/Ph.D. student  (IMLS Felow)
    48. Katie Ingersoll, JTM Member, MLIS graduate, Regulatory VISTA fellow, Prometheus Radio Project, Philadelphia, Penn.
    49. Alan Inouye, Ph.D., director, Office for Information Technology Policy, American Library Association, Washington, D.C.
    50. Marsha Iverson, JTM Member, graduate student, former board member, Librarians Without Borders, public-relations specialist, King County libraries, Seattle, Wash. (a)
    51. Katherine Jakub, JTM Member, free-lance writer / intern, Moon Township Public Library, Eighty Four, Penn. (IMLS Fellow)
    52. Barbara M. Jones, director, Office for Intellectual Freedom, Amer. Library Assn., Chicago
    53. Suzie Katz, president/founder, PhotoWings, San Francisco, Calif.
    54. Alexandra Kelly, The New School, Brooklyn N.Y.
    55. John Kittros, editor, Media Ethics Magazine,  Seattle, Wash.
    56. Nancy C. Kranich, advisory board chair, American Library Association’s Center for Public Life, (and past ALA president) / Rutgers Univ. library, Highland Park, N.J.
    57. R. David Lankes, author, “The Atlas of New Librarianship” / director, Information Institute of Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. (participating via Skye)
    58. Michael LaBonte,  citizen/blogger, Newstrust.org editor, Haverhill, Mass. (a)
    59. Lorrie Lejeune, program manager, MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Cambridge, Mass. (a)
    60. Peter Levine, director, CIRCLE, Tufts University, Medford, Mass.
    61. Stephen Lippman, JTM Member, librarian/asst. vp, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, New York, N.Y.
    62. Lauren Lehman, JTM Member, former daily newspaper reporter, editor and executive, Longmont, Colo.
    63. Ken Liss, JTM Member, communication librarian,  ex-newspaper reporter, Boston College, Brookline, Mass.
    64. Donna Liu, JTM Member, librarian/journalist-entrepreneur, AllPrinceton, Princeton, N.Y.
    65. Richard K. Lodge, editor-in-chief, Metro West Daily News/Gatehouse Media NE, Framingham, Mass. (ASNE representative)
    66. Thomas Lowenhaupt, JTM Member, founder, Connecting.nyc Inc., Jackson Heights, N.Y.
    67. Laura Magnus, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum,  Washington, D.C.
    68. Lacey Mamak, IS grad student/Minnesota Legislative Reference Library, Minneapolis, Minn. (IMLS Fellow)
    69. Jeremy Mauger, grad student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee SOIS, Milwaukee, Wis. (IMLS Fellow)
    70. Joy Mayer, JTM MemberDonald W. Reynolds Fellow, Missouri School of Journalism, Columbia, Mo.
    71. Eileen McAdam, media center/library director, Sound and Story Project, Kingston, N.Y. (IMLS Fellow)
    72. Lori McGlinchey, senior program officer, Open Society Foundations, New York, N.Y.
    73. Mary McGrath, digital-media strategist, CHT Media, Boston
    74. Meredith McCullouch, director (retired), Town of Bedford, Mass., library / member, New England News Forum, Bedford, Mass.
    75. Denise McIver,  IMLS Scholar, LIS masters’ candidate, St. Johns’ University, Queens, N.Y.
    76. Evelyn Messinger, JTM Member, president, Internews Interactive, former producer, LinkTV, San Rafael, Calif.
    77. Leigh Montgomery, JTM Member, chair-elect, news division, Special Libraries Association / newsroom librarian, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston (a)
    78. Michael Morisy, founder/ceo, Muckrock.com (FOIA-enabling website), Cambridge, Mass.
    79. Nora Nagel, IS grad student, Every Child Ready to Read, Texas Women’s Univ., Dallas, Texas
    80. Caroline Nappo, JTM MemberIS grad student and fellow, Univ. of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. (IMLS Fellow)
    81. Melody Ng, JTM Member, Public Insight Network, American Public Media, St. Paul, Minn.
    82. Donna Nicely, member, Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities / director, Nashville (Tenn.) Public Library
    83. John Nichols, co-founder FreePress.net / correspondent, The Nation, Madison, Wis.  (Thurs. evening only)
    84. Laurie Norton Moffatt, CEO/director, the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Mass.  (Four Freedoms Forums) (attendance tentative)
    85. Catherine Odson, LIS grad student, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Penn. (IMLS Fellow)
    86. Kevin O’Kelly, reference librarian, Somerville Public Library, Sommerville, Mass.
    87. Cynthia Orozco, JTM Member, IS grad student, San Jose State University, Costa Mesa, Calif. (IMLS Fellow)
    88. Andew Ott, digital library consultant, former producer/editor, PBS Frontline, Somerville, Mass.
    89. Allison Payne, JTM Member, SOIS grad student, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Chicago, Ill.
    90. Alexa Pearce, JTM Member, journalism/media librarian, New York University, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    91. Amy Penwell, IS grad student/community organizer, Project Democracy, Moorestown N.J.  (Public Insight Network Fellow)
    92. Karen A. Perry, senior program officer/U.S. Libraries Initiative, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, Wash.
    93. Aimee Picchi, JTM Member, free-lance writer, AOL.com, Burlington, Vt.
    94. Nancy Picchi, JTM Member, librarian-at-large, MLIS recipient, New York, N.Y
    95. Gina Perille, chief communications officer, Boston Public Library, Boston
    96. Anne Raci, American Academy of Orthopaedics and IS graduate student, former daily newspaper editor, Chicago, Ill. (IMLS Fellow)
    97. Paul Radu, JTM MemberKnight-Stanford Fellow, founder, Investigative Dashboard, Bucharest, Hugary
    98. Amy Radermacher, JTM Member, manager, digital distribution (ex-librarian), Public Radio International, Minneapolis, Minn. (IMLS Fellow)
    99. Jacqueline Rafferty, JTM Member, president, Mass. Library Assn. / director, Paul Pratt Memorial Library, Cohasset, Mass.
    100. Colin Rhinesmith, JTM Member, doctoral student, library/info science, University of Illinois-Urbana / former community media and technology manager, Cambridge Community Television, Champaign, Ill. (a)
    101. Anna Lisa Raya Rivera, JTM Member, ex-magazine editor / LIS grad student, Rutgers University School of Communication & Information, Woodcliff Lake, N.J.
    102. Richard Rowe, chairman/ceo, Open Learning Exchange, Belmont, Mass.
    103. Amy E. Ryan, president, Boston Public Library, Boston
    104. Christine Saed, senior librarian, Oakland Public Library, Oakland, Calif.  (Oakland Voices project) (a) (IMLS Fellow)
    105. Jorge Schement, dean, Rutgers Univ. School of Communication & Information, New Brunswick, N.J.
    106. Stephen Silha, JTM Member and co-founder, Journalism that Matters, Vashon, Wash. (a)
    107. Jessica Smith, reference librarian, IS grad student, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Penn. (IMLS Fellow)
    108. Rory Solomon, JTM Member, software engineer and media-studies grad student, The New School,  New York, N.Y.
    109. Christina Stewart, director, Wilmington Memorial Library, Wilmington, Mass.
    110. Suzanne Sullivan, JTM Member, assistant director, Auburn Public Library, Auburn, Maine
    111. Saul Tannenbaum, correspondent, CCTV’s NeighborMedia, retired Tufts Univ. technologist, Cambridge, Mass.
    112. Lara Tewes, JTM Member, MSLIS grad student / library archivalist, C.W. Post campus of LIU, Douglaston, N.Y.
    113. Mary Thomason, IS grad student, Texas Woman’s University, Arlington, Texas (IMLS Fellow)
    114. Mark Tomizawa, Six Degrees of Media Innovation / catalyst, media architect, Brookline, Mass.  (a)
    115. Mary Treacy, retired academic librarian, citizen-media reporter, Minneapolis, Minn. (a) (IMLS Fellow)
    116. Ruth Urell, president-elect, Mass. Library Assn. / director, Reading Public Library, Reading, Mass.
    117. Irene Van, JTM Member, former CTO, Hartford Public Library now writing for Patch.com, Hartford, Conn.
    118. Deborah Walter, IS grad student/grantswriter, Rutgers  Univ./William Patterson Univ., Summit, N.J. (IMLS Fellow)
    119. JoAnna Wasserman, education initiatives manager, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
    120. David Weinberger, author, “Too Big to Know” (forthcoming book) / co-director, Harvard  Library Innovation Lab, Cambridge, Mass.
    121. Andrew Whitacre, communications, MIT Center for Future Civic Media, Cambridge, Mass.
    122. Andrew White, LIS graduate student, The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. (IMLS Fellow)
    123. Khara Whitney-Marsh, grad student/library worker, Simmons College, Brookline, Mass.
    124. Colin Wilkins, JTM Member, reference librarian, Brookline Public Library/former newsroom librarian, Brookline, Mass.
    125. Eugenia Williamson, JTM Member, reporter, The Boston Phoenix, Brookline, Mass.
    126. Jaqueline Woolcott, IS grad student, Rutgers University, Staten Island, N.Y. (IMLS Fellow)
    127. Eva Wolfberg, LIS grad student, Univ. of Maryland, Someville, Mass.
    128. Dietmar Wolfram, acting dean,  School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    129. John Yemma, editor, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Mass. (ASNE representative)
    130. Barbara Zang, professor, Communications and Women’s Studies, Worcester State Univ., Worcester, Mass.


    1. Alison Head / Project Information Literacy, Univ. of Washington
    2. Mike Fancher, JTM Member, JTM board chair / ethics-committee chair, American Society of News Editors / retired exec. editor, The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash. (a)
    3. Gens Johnson, Idaho Commission for Libraries BTOP program, Boise,  Idaho (via video)
    4. Pat McLeod, member, public-relations advisory committee to the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners / director, Milne Public Library, Williamstown, Mass.
    5. Ray Oldenburg, author, “The Great Good Place,” retired sociologist, Pensacola, Fla.
    6. Chris Peck, co-founder, Journalism That Matters and editor, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn.
    7. Patrick Phillips, founder, Vineyard Voice, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. /mini-bio (a)