Convener: Ed Bell


  • Rachel Stewart, UNH
  • Ed Bell, AP
  • Giselle Goodman, Portland Press Herald
  • Elaine Hooker, AP
  • Lisa Arsenault, UNH.

Bullet points

Develop sources from varying perspectives.

— Put together a source book from different areas and topics.

— Line up sources (or experts) before covering a story.

— Under pressure of deadline how credible can a source can be?

— How do you check it out?

Finding the right sources to illustrate a story

— The Census. Look for people interested in it.

— Talk with people who know everything about their communities.

— Ask groups – talking to people and getting sources from them.

— Sometimes you’ll spend years developing a relationship.

— Establish a level of trust with sources while at the same time standing back.

— It is ok to take sources to dinner or lunch – but you pick up the tab.

— Be interested in them as a person. Their kids, hobbies, birthdays etc.

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