Convener:  Tom Heslin


  • Glenn Adams
  • Lance Johnson
  • Larry Laughlin
  • Nick Pappas


The importance of excellence

– Key to the community’s perception of the organization

Managing and leading to excellence

– Identify the important stories and invest in their coverage

– Nurture a culture of curiosity

– Identify all of your resources

– Manage resources to excel while “feeding the beast”

– Don’t squander your resources

– Do the best with the resources you have

– Assignments and workload should realistically reflect the resources

– “No excuses” – don’t dwell on the limitations of budget or staffing

– Nurture a culture of inclusion – spread participation in the quest for excellence

– Inclusion gets ideas and energy coming “from the bottom up”

– Set and maintain standards – get the basics right

– Training, training, training

– Create tools that help accuracy – i.e. error-tracking form

– If something is not working, fix it

– Everyone should read the publication every day.

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