Career Transitions

Convenor:  Chelsea Conoboy- UNH

Reporter:  Rochelle Stewart-UNH


  • Sara Paulsworth -UNH
  • Amanda Klimiata-USNH
  • Karen Testa- AP
  • Adam Gorlick- AP
  • Geoff Gevalt-AP
  • Lisa Arsenault-UNH


-Editing is important. It encourages us not to close our eyes.

-No one will realize a great story with out a great editor.

-AP newspeople end up editing each other.

-entry level copy editing positions are often a good place to start at.

-every cross roads provide an opportunity

-helpful when editor begins as a reporter or writer cause they can relate to the writer better

-put your all into everything that you do, even the little stories that can wind up on the obituary page

-“write the hell out of a story”

-each time you enter a news room, you have to learn to crawl before you can walk or run.

-people that are good reporters don’t always make the best editors

-people in this field want to do it well

-have to challenge the stories without challenging the people

-no one is going to write the story the way you would

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