Fifteen 60-second pitches for Denver/U.S. media ecosystem projects

At Journalism That Matters-Denver, some 15 participants pitched their work in the Denver and national news ecosystem. Here are excerpts of their one-minute pitches. You can down load an MP3 file and hear audio of the pitches HERE:

Here is a rough summary of the  pitches:

Paul Voakes: Unviersity of Colorado  is considering a new interdisciplinary college for new media.

Solar power electric car – no news organizatin covering. He is covering a nichel environmental journalism.

Kevin Dale from the Denver Post – trying to protect ability to protect content – invstigaviei news and watchdog journalism and delivery on anyplatform to readers.  Don’ want to regurgitate online into the newspaer. Want new stu


Rita Adolson – focused on being purpose minded and go beyond reporting the news. The created her directory of advocacy role. Advocacy taking advocacy to a new level

Coer high coutry news – mainly subscribers, individual donations and grans. Don’t depend on advertising. Also found their read and buggert product, in-epth reporting does best on line.

Rob Williams – Vermont commons. Best of Vermont commons writing, in print.  I’m here to see what’s

Michelle Ferrier – Media deserts looking for higher educatin partners to help to make clear the new evolving ecosystem. Usiesopen gis data and mashup of lcal newspaper circulation and other conduits to look at a climate map of changes happeing in our community, ti deintify media deserts, to loook at communities to at lack fresh news.

Julie Poppin ed news Colorado crated 3-4 years ago to fill the void left the msm not covering school issues. Goal is to give people information, data they need to make positive change in public school realm. Too many kids in enver attending low performing schools and we strive to change that. Now part of anational network in formation. Gotham School sin NYC

Dan Moulthrop – Social media for public good. System for civic dialog. Enforce a set of principals, civility, transparency, credibility and optimism are four of his personal favorites, he as some tech aspects too, crated opportunities for threated onversations, and a rating system, illustrative what we do. Decided if puersasive, information or inspiring.

Colorado Public News – doing heavily health care because of fundin, would like to do a lot more issues. The issue is the same as for everyone – resources —  wuld like to talka bout ideas.

Mike Fancher, Washignton News Council, promoting the TAO of journalism – transparent accunable and open. Also vp of washingto colaiotn for open government.  Every state should have one. Did a NIE special section to get students thinking aboutwhe

Laura Frank executive director fo iNews, talk about te evolutin of journalism. Is anyoing doing journalism thatmakes a difference. Pioneered collaborative journalism in Colorado have seen reaction to our story that let to changes in tax law, environmetal law, education policy and persona behavior, new thing with civic engagement, please come by.

Tom Stites, Banyan Project, different business model for journalism which is reader owned cooperatives, in a community 1,000 or more people members would own he source of htier community news gathering and distribtion like food coops or credit unions, adapted for communies that don’t have a lot of advertising revenue. Designed to work in media deserts where there isn’t much going on. PIlo in Haverhill.

Easha Williams – Wrote a book about journalism that makes a difference. Case study of coverage of Shorham nuclear power plant.  Civil disobedience, Shrehoman closed won>

Tony Shawcross – Denver Open Media, fee-for-service comm. Services in public and private sector. Built software in transparency, broadcast and archive and make visible all floor debates, launcing for colrado supreme court as well

Sabrena Roach – BPT, shefocuses on ow you pay for journalism, how you engage with it and how you make it sustainable. Low Power FM can be a river of innovation, so when no one is listening, when no on e is listening you can do all kind of great tings, it si a talent crator and a jobs creator.