Digital DNA – Digital Identity Management and Community Mapping System

Michelle Ferrier, Byung Lee, Mani St. Victor, Rick Rodgers, Kaycie Coy, Norm Roulet

The idea –
Create a platform/system for managing digital identity along multiple points of interest and mapping these in geographical and topical spaces. Engage individuals in creating their own identity to share on the web. Create system for monitoring emotional/financial read of a community ie. Community well-being monitoring to effect change at a local level.

Going forward… needs, supports?
Understanding of talent in the Greensboro 52 and connections. Moving the needle beyond current open ID issues to find personal interest of individuals in taking ownership of their date/stories/identity.

What’s next?
Community mapping exposes hidden and individual community assets and knowledge for sharing, connection and action: We have connections with potential IT folks to flesh this out, but need to examine model for connection to existing databases such as Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, medical data.