Reimagining Political Coverage for Millennials:
Just the Facts, Quickly,Visually, Viscerally, Interactively

Discussion leader: Bill Allison, the Sunlight Foundation

In the evolving media landscape, the news isn’t always a story with a
headline, lead, nut graph and the venerable inverted triangle of
information. The Sunlight Foundation has been experimenting with a
series of tools that present information dynamically, using graphics,
widgets and visualizations to display information, that harness the
power of crowds by creating social networks around specific issues,
elected officials or pieces of legislation, and powerful databases that
allow users to connect the dots for themselves between private interests
and public policy. Political information isn’t just something that one
hears on the evening news–it can be a social commodity that millennials
can react to, critique, suggest improvements, collaborate and organize.

Come see new tools and widgets that you can use, and join a discussion
about potential paradigms for using news in new ways — to engage rather
than inform.