Special exhibit: Headed to the White House

In “Headed to the White House,” a unique exhibition created by the
National Constitution Center, students, teachers, and families will have
the opportunity to follow this extraordinary process from the primaries
through the presidential inauguration.

Visitors will be engaged in the sights, sounds, and excitement of
presidential elections from the moment they cross the gallery threshold.
Important events from the 2008 campaign that took place at the Center —
including Barack Obama’s March 18 speech on race relations and John
McCain’s Town Hall meeting on June 11 — are represented in a
special display only in Philadelphia.

Once visitors enter the
exhibition, they are introduced to the electoral process with three
audio-visual zones highlighting the historic elections of 1840 (Martin
Van Buren vs. William H. Harrison), 1932 (Herbert Hoover vs. Franklin
Delano Roosevelt), and 2008, before walking through a large, graphic
image of the White House and onto the campaign trail.

Kimmel Theater/DeVos Hall Description

The exhibit experience will take you through important events in our
nation’s history and through unique, interactive exhibits, show you how
the United States Constitution is as important today as it was 216 years

The tour begins with a 17 minute multimedia presentation of “Freedom
Rising” featuring a live actor, film and video projection in the Kimmel
Theater. Here you will be oriented to the major themes of the
Constitution from 1787 to the present day.

In the DeVos Hall’s American Experience, you will enjoy interactive
exhibits that show the significant role the Constitution has played
throughout history. You’ll take vote for your all-time favorite
President, take the Presidential Oath-of-Office, take the seat of a
Supreme Court Justice and honor the service people who have fought for
and defended the Constitution.