Sue Salinger writes:

I’m a reformed 20+ yr veteran of mainstream media with national and international experience in radio, broadcast,cable and syndicated programming. “Reformed” means media activist and I no longer work for commercial media. I’m a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School studying media philosophy with some of the world’s leading thinkers EGS, and I’m teaching journalism, digital and studio production, and history of the media at University of Colorado, Denver and at Metro State College, Denver.

Current project: launching Free Voice Media Alliance, a participatory media effort created for progressive social change. We are a network of activists and artists-turned-journalists covering social and civil injustices as well as the grass-roots effort of everyday people engaged in creating social change around those issues. View examples of our work at SourceCode – click on the upper-right button labeled Videos and browse around.

This participatory media experiement is geared to source stories from real people involved in local-level change, and encourages audience participation. The material is investigated in a collaborative effort that includes our writers, national and global leaders on the issues, and the progressive print community. We partner with the Nation, Mother Jones, In These Times,,, and New America Media on the journalism side, and with a wide range of groups working on change. We put media tools back into those communities. While our
writers/producers are clearly advocates for social change, we value traditional journalistic standards and ethics (we check three sources, and we strive for transparency in all parts of the process). The work is produced for multiple platforms including 1/2 hour programs for national broadcast on Free Speech TV (25 million homes on the DISH Network and on 150 community television stations), short form web and mobile stories, extended interviews for community and public radio, and most importantly, distribution to affinity groups for real-lifeworld use in organizing for civic involvement.

I’m particularly interested in Archive, Museum and Library Theory as applied to the web. What’s going to make the historic record if there’s no net neutrality?