Key readings for Journalism That Matter: The Memphis Sessions

1. Geneva Overholser: “A Manifesto for Change”

2. Chris Peck et al.: “The Next Newsroom”

3. Len Witt: “Constructing an open-source framework for reinventing journalism”
*Full article on FirstMonday

Optional readings for the Memphis Journalism that Matters sessions

*Cole Campbell on sustaining inquiry which leads to action — PDF DOWNLOAD
*Richard Harwood remembers Cole Campbell
* Memorial Saturday, 1 p.m., UNC
* New York Times obit:“One of the first editors to embrace the idea that journalism should help readers to be engaged citizens.”

*Tom Stites (BIO)— two essays:
On who will step forward to support journalism essential to democracy
On how America’s newspapers have lost touch with mainstream readers

*Bill Siemering Radio journalism in developing countries: the connection to JTM

*Tom Mohr on what newspapers must do to survive (from Editor & Publisher)

*David Zeeck at Poynter’s “Future of Newspapers” seminar in May 2006
(links at bottom lead to other thoughtful pieces)

* Mark Glaser: Traditional newsrooms still need to walk the talk

About the changing focus of print vs. web

*David Hiller: LA Times must break it on the web; analyze in print

*Rex Smith of Albany Times-Union in effect agrees with Hiller

*LA Times’ Tim Rutten reviews the “new” Wall Street Journal,1,6619340.column

Also recently noted

Malcolm Gladwell on his blog (reprinting from The New Yorker) on
why newspapers should be pushing not abandoning investigative journalism
” “We are dismantling the institution of newspaper journalism precisely at the moment when it seems to be of greatest social value.” ”

*Barry Parr on newspapers focusing on non-breaking news as a strategy

*Paul Gillin: The death of America’s metro newspapers and birth of thousands of news-shares?

*Newspaper editors/publishers don’t know what to expect (World Editors’ Forum)

*Is Gannett’s focus on over-45 for print at odds with Newspaper Next advice?

*Doug McGill’s “Syllabus for journalism as a healing art”

* Jeff vonKaenel on why he thinks users will pay for news on the web

* Is Gannett in Indianapolis proposing newsroom employees do “advertorial” work? and

* Paperless newspapers: The Telegraph PM edition and Illiad links

* Roger Plothow: Smaller, family, ‘red state’ papers are doing just fine — why?

* Do newspapers need to become “information valets”?

* Columnist at environmental site “Grist” on abandoning print
(he’s willing to pay for online news)