Katherine McDaniel graduated from the Yale Law School in May 2006. She also holds degrees from the University of Washington in Philosophy and Comparative Intellectual History and has a minor in Mathematics. While at Yale she served as an Executive Editor on the Yale Journal of Law and Technology, and contributed to Lawmeme. She studies intellectual property in international law; the tensions between liberalizing IP law and protecting tradition knowledge; and the digital production, transformation, and distribution of cultural information goods such as music, film, and digital art. She recently presented her paper “Accounting for Taste: An Analysis of Tax-and-Reward Alternative Compensation Schemes for Digital Distribution of Music” to the /Harvard-Yale Cyberscholar Working Group /and she is a co-author of “Model Language for Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright Concerning Access to Learning Materials in South Africa,” forthcoming in The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication. In addition to her academic interests, Katherine is a self-identified nerd who enjoys poetry, comic books, photography, and running. She is the author of KatSCAN: Yet Another IP and Tech Blog and the developer and administrator of The Clerkship Notification Blog. Katherine’s evil twin, however, enjoys weekly poker games, rocking out on her electric guitar, and moonlighting as a mixologist.