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  • #NewsNext with Josh Trujillo, staff photographer at the Seattle P-I

    13:33 on 1 October, 2011 | 0 Comment Permalink
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    Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 7:00 PM

    From the #NewsNext ONA SPJ(Online News Association & Society of Professional Journalists) collaboration. More info on

    This is our fifth in a series of the #Newsnext meetups, where we’re talking to interesting locals working in the digital space. If you’re interested in gathering with writers, editors, photographers, producers, developers, designers, engineers and anyone else with an interest in the production of news, Jillian’s will have a cash bar and some great space to meet with like-minded digital professionals.

    List of attendees are also on the Meetup page.

  • Ben Huh aims his harpoon at big breaking news

    12:48 on 25 May, 2011 | 3 comments Permalink
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    Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh is advancing some ideas he broached in a recent appearance in Seattle. In a new blog post, Huh addresses the question, “Why are  we still consuming news like it’s 1899?”

    Huh’s overall assessment is blunt: the experience of consuming news sucks.

    Even though it’s been more than 15 years since the Internet became a news destination, journalists and editors are still trapped in the print and TV world of message delivery.

    The traditional methods of news-writing, such as the reverse pyramid, the various “editions” of news pose big limitation on how news is reported and consumed. Unfortunately, internet-based changes such as reverse-chronological blogging of news, inability to archive yesterday’s news, poor commenting quality, live-blogging, and others have made news consumption an even more frustrating experience.

    Huh got some push back when he spoke about these concerns to #NewsNext, a collaboration of the Seattle chapters of the Online News Association (ONA) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) on May 16. After proclaiming that it was no longer the job of the journalist to tell people what’s true or not, Jacob Caggiano, who covered the event for the Seattle Journalism Commons, reported there was “the inevitable debate about broccoli versus ice cream.”

    (More …)

  • Ben Huh – CEO of Cheezburger Network – May 16

    18:54 on 14 May, 2011 | 1 Comment Permalink
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    Part two of the #NewsNext series brought to us by the Online News Association/Society of Professional Journalists collaboration featured a lively discussion with Cory Bergman (,, Next Door Media) and Ben Huh (Cheezburger Networks).

    As the owner of the largest humor network in the world, you’ve probably stumbled upon one of his many sites FAIL Blog, Babies Making Faces, There I Fixed It, Engrish Funny The Daily, Totally Looks Like either on purpose or by accident through a social network.

    Many people in the online news circuit cover Huh for his ability to turn internet memes into a profitable enterprise (his company employs 50 staff and they’re looking for more) and has been consistently topping the Seattle 2.0 startup index for the last year.

    Instead of his typical appearance to discuss the secrets behind making something go viral (he says consistency is much more important), this particular room full of people wanted to hear his ideas on keeping journalism strong. Coming out of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern in 1999, he never became a reporter, but has been thinking of ways to fix what he sees as a lingering problem in online news.

    “The story structure hasn’t changed for hundreds of years…how many times have you read a story and think by the third paragraph didn’t I already read this before?”

    Huh believes that we have lost touch with the golden days of journalism where everything was partisan and there were multiple diverse points of views fighting for what they think is right.

    But isn’t that what we have now? (More …)

  • ONA + SPJ - What can news organizations learn from startups?

    14:14 on 26 April, 2011 | 0 Comment Permalink
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    One of the goals at the Seattle Journalism Commons is collaboration. We like to talk about it, and LOVE to see it. Members of the Online News Association and the Society of Professional Journalists have linked up to put on a series of conversation mixers titled #NewsNext

    The theme of the kick off discussion between former reporter Monica Guzman and KING 5’s Director of Digital Marketing Mark Briggs revolved around the question:

    “What can news organizations learn from startups.”

    Guzman was well positioned to elaborate on this topic, having jumped ships from a traditional print newsroom, over to an online only publication with the Seattle BigBlog, and most recently into the adventurous startup Intersect.

    One of the points she made about jumping into a startup was riding with a pirate ship mentality, because “things are too new to become law…it really is lawless.” Whereas the traditional newsroom has defined roles and comfort zones, Guzman explained that the rules of entrepreneurship are made up as you go along, and the team either works together or sinks together.

    Another memorable piece of advice had to do with the art of the #fail. Guzman suggest to “fail fast” instead of trying to hang onto something that drags and doesn’t improve results.

    Other valuable examples and insight came from Mark Briggs, who officially works for KING 5, but also has earned his stripes as a leading authority on entrepreneurial journalism. His Journalism 2.0 blog and book are a great resource, and as a current Ford Fellow in Entrepreneurial Journalism at the Poynter Institite, he’s done his homework.

    Three startup news sites he mentioned as positive examples and role models are:

    • Pegasus News (also in Texas) – Their crew was willing keep working without pay because they had such a strong labor of love
    • Techdirt – A good example of building a loyal following based on their successful CwF+RtB model (Connect with Fans and give them a Reason to Buy).

    Briggs parted a little advice to the crowd from hot thinker Lisa Williams, which was to go deep rather than broad. “Instead of ‘something about everything’ you need to be “everything about something.”

    Come back and join us for more juice on Seattle Journalism events and meetups here at the #SEAjCommons. We are curating a special calendar and keeping the radar on full scan to bring you coverage and advanced notice of the local journalism scene around Puget Sound.

    (More …)

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