The “Fifth Estate” of participatory news, media, and civic change

Submitted by inge on Wed, 06/02/2010 – 7:50am
Session Reporter: Ingeborg Endter

Conversationalist 1: Ingeborg Endter

Conversationalist 2: Melissa Cornick

Melissa has an impressive background in mainstream journalism. She worked with Murrow, Cronkite, 60 Minutes. She’s now working on a Master’s in Strategic Communication at Columbia and she runs a social responsibility web site in Bucks County, PA:

Her concerns are now about the workings of the Fifth Estate and protecting Constitutional rights. People really do care about their rights and need advocates to give them information to help protect those rights. How do investigative reporters behave differently than regular news reporters? How does the public promote ethics in news standards? What happens if one is blacklisted by the Fifth Estate?

Melissa’s looking for technical advice to help her use social media tools on her site. She has attended several JTM meetings and we can rely on her to help us get conversations started.

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