Maria Rojas and Stephen Silha

Session Reporter: Stephen Silha

Conversationalist 1: Stephen Silha

Conversationalist 2: Maria Rojas

I was so impressed with the conversation Maria Rojas and I had this week.

She’s a student at Elon University – actually, she just graduated and is looking for right livelihood.  But she’s got an impressive dossier already, from her work with Michelle Ferrier and in Costa Rica, where she made a great website for Earth University La Flor []

Maria loves event planning, and I’m hoping she will help with some of the logistics and organization at next week’s Journalism That Matters in Detroit!  (She’s planning to help with next year’s follow-up Create or Die conference in North Carolina.)

Maria and I discovered we share a passion for storytelling, and both of us hope to grow as storytellers and as collaborators at next week’s confab.  She told me that it’s important to her that stories be told in different formats and styles so that a broad range of audience can understand them.  She predicts that media of the future will be more collaborative and less hierarchical.

She reminded me that one of the highlights of JTM gatherings is the mix of ages.  Those in her generation are not nearly as depressed as some of us grizzled journalists are – and she’s creating the future, so we might as well join the joyride.

— Stephen Silha

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