JTM Findings

An ecology of story for the well-being of community and democracy

Submitted by PeggyHolman on Wed, 06/04/2008 – 9:00am My friend and colleague, Tom Atlee, founder of the The Co-Intelligence Institute, developed a map of stories entitled Whole System Learning and Evolution — and the New Journalism that I think has great potential as a way of thinking about what is required for both great stories and great story-telling […]

Six Questions that Matter to Journalism

Submitted by PeggyHolman on Sat, 05/31/2008 – 3:32pm As I read people’s registration comments for NewPamphleteers/New Reporters – the upcoming JtM gathering in Minnesota, it struck me that people were asking questions and bringing expertise in six areas: Business models Cultivating community Partnerships Content choices Craft Technology Here’s a picture of what seems to be emerging: […]

Possibility Journalism: An Emerging Trend?

Submitted by PeggyHolman on Thu, 05/22/2008 – 9:00am As I reflected on Journalism that Matters-Silicon Valley, it struck me that my favorite subject – the power of story to inspire and engage, was a very quiet theme at this particular gathering. It got me thinking about the need to say something about what is emerging is […]

The Next Newsroom: A New Model for Local News

An updated  business plan, an organizational framework, and a creative commitment to launch a new model for gathering local news in a community where 21st century citizens work together with committed journalists to strengthen civic life with the aid of digital technology. Working Draft by Chris Peck, Co-Founder Journalism That Matters March 2008 The whole paper is attached: JTM Next Newsroom Business Plan Revised […]