JTM Findings

After the Pocantico conference on Independent Journalism

By Stephen Silha In May 2015 a group of journalists and funders met around the question: How do we cultivate a vibrant, powerful, and resilient independent journalism ecosystem? The gathering was inspired by a comment by Bill Moyers about the need for an independent journalism trust fund.  As a result of the Pocantico gathering, while […]

The Takeaway: What’s working in journalism innovation?

 A Summary Find the right people to work with. (Matter) Hackers, hustlers, designers and storytellers are all necessary to transform an idea into a company. (Matter) Partnering with local businesses, including bookstores, newsstands, markets and coffee shops can provide a distribution network for independent newspapers. (SF Public Press) Begin with an “architecture of openness.” (SF […]

Journalism That Matters: An Emerging Cultural Narrative

The following article appeared in the Sprint/Summer 2009 issue of Kosmos It reflects the themes that surfaced through the many conferences.  Since then, additional themes include: Journalism is still about the public good; and now it is entrepreneurial Small organizations bring heart. Large organizations bring credibility.  Collaborate! Communities can take responsibility for their own narrative.  One […]