Journalism is Dead; Long Live Journalism April 3 and 4 Denver, CO What’s great in the emerging news and information ecosystem? Journalism That Matters comes to Denver for a two-day gathering of  journalists, technologists, educators, students, librarians, and engaged citizens. Come prepared to document what’s working in the new news ecosystem . . . and collaborate to amplify journalism’s values, […]

6 Actionable Ideas for Solving Political Fact-Checking and Rewarding Truth

Summary of JTM National Teleconference Sept. 25 on “Facts, Fibs, and Accountability in Political Reporting” One key to solving the politics/political reporting dilemma of facts and fact-checking may be to engage people as more than voters. “When politics and political leaders treat the public like consumers more than voters and politics as a product, then […]

Interactive Guide to the IRS Decision-Making Process

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society’s Digital Media Law Project recently released its Guide to the IRS Decision-Making Process under Section 501(c)(3) for Journalism and Publishing Non-Profits. With increasing interest in nonprofit journalism and with confusion over how the IRS is applying Section 501(c)(3) to journalism, the Guide provides detailed information regarding the standards […]