WNC gridiron dinner a big success

The Washington News Council’s 12th (!) annual Gridiron West Dinner, (video here, pics here) held on Friday, Nov. 12 at The Conference Center at Convention Place in Seattle brought 350 people together to “toast/roast” five former Mayors of Seattle: Wes Uhlman, Charles Royer, Norm Rice, Paul Schell and Greg Nickels. Current Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn was there to […]

JTM Pacific Northwest Latest Initiative Updates

Since their initial conference in New York City in October 2001, JTM has been bringing together journalists and increasingly, others interested in the growing and changing public information ecosphere. The aim has been to puzzle through epic changes in the news and information landscape and creatively develop new approaches, alliances and projects that strengthen bonds […]

Puget Sound Civic Communication Commons initiative OPEN DISCUSSION

Journalism That Matters is pleased to announce the Puget Sound Civic Communication Commons initiative is holding an open discussion for those interested in discovering how the commons will serve as an information hub and conversation place for news topics in the Puget Sound region. The discussion, which is part of a larger three-day initiative development meeting, […]

Civic Communications Commons

This group proposes the development of a Civic Communications Commons (CCC) in Seattle and King County as a common civic infrastructure that connects virtual and face-to-face civic, community, and neighborhood spaces. It’s proposal says: “The CCC would be a common civic space in Seattle, growing from the many existing resources in neighborhoods, communities, the non-profit […]