Mapping the Newsroom

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While preparing for News Tools 2008, a small group, including Chris PeckChris O’brienMartin ReynoldsKara AndradeKaliya HamlinDave CohnStephen Silha, and Peggy Holman, and others came together to develop a value network map of the existing news room:

And a first pass at key roles and relationships of the emerging “news ecology”:

PHOTOS by Ytaelena López

The value network analysis process developed by Verna Allee has been used successfully in a number of settings. This
process examines organizations or industries as networks in order to
increase cross-boundary collaboration and productivity. The essential
focus is on how work gets discussed and done through both formal and
informal networks. This approach focuses on how work is performed and how change is implemented. For
example, the Boeing Company utilized this approach to create a new
organization from the ground up in order to design, build and manage
its new 787 Dreamliner fleet.

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